Archive | October, 2011

SPAM Project

24 Oct

Here is my final piece for the SPAM project…

I also tried some different coloured backgrounds..

  I quite like the ‘spam’ yellow background, but i thought that the subtle purple worked better as maybe the yellow was too overpowering…?


Article-Why Small Victories Matter

20 Oct

Here is my initial idea for the ‘Why Small Victories Matter” brief. I have used ink to show the style of the illustration. I would possibly incorporate acrylic paint and collage as well.

Cocktail Party Project

10 Oct

Final Piece

Summer Project

6 Oct

These are my 7 final illustrations for the summer project. Each character is influenced by a different artist or illustrator and I tried to choose a wide range of visual signatures.

Influenced by Niki de Saint Phalle


Influenced by Jim Flora


Influenced by Madamesange (Helen Lang)


Influenced by Saul Steinberg


Influenced by Morris Hirshfield


Influenced by Gary Baseman


Influenced by Aubrey Beardsley