Some more recent work

15 May



Revised editorials


Some of my work for the negotiated project.


Practise negotiated piece.


Puffin book cover competition.


Revised Sam Book

8 Mar


Final version of Sam Book project, which I forgot to upload. 

Sam Book

28 Nov

Editorial- Working for Magazines and Newspapers- Final Illustrations

7 Nov










SPAM Project

24 Oct

Here is my final piece for the SPAM project…

I also tried some different coloured backgrounds..

  I quite like the ‘spam’ yellow background, but i thought that the subtle purple worked better as maybe the yellow was too overpowering…?

Article-Why Small Victories Matter

20 Oct

Here is my initial idea for the ‘Why Small Victories Matter” brief. I have used ink to show the style of the illustration. I would possibly incorporate acrylic paint and collage as well.

Cocktail Party Project

10 Oct

Final Piece